A sprinkling of snow and a rotting planter and an old wheel become beautiful again. Here's to a sprinkling of hope and encouragement for each of us today, that we may regain our sense of being beautiful and useful- even if we are a bit rusty in places!!!




Feathered footprints and vibrant berries - symbols of survival and resilience and the unending power of nature to move and inpsire. The sun is out and although it is pouring too and the snow is beginning to thaw yet again I am just overwhelmed by the world we live in. May we do all we can to protect and nurture it and never lose our sense of awe at the tiny and the giant creatures, plants and trees we share it with.




Was sad to see this daffodils golden head bowed down with the weight of the snow. But nature is so resilient and the flowers will bounce back and sing their spring song.

Thinking this morning of everyone who is bowed down with worries or health concerns or who is carrying the weight of grief. May the hope of Spring, the beauty of our world and the gift of friendship touch all our hearts today.




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Is stunningly beautiful outside again this morning and I felt guilty spoiling the snow with my muddy footprints as I ran. Made me realise afresh how careful we need to be with out footprints in life too. Clumsy ones can spoil the landscape of other peoples hopes and confidence. Greedy ones can encroach on habitat and places that we have no right to intrude into. Cruel ones can trample down others and rob them of the wonderful gift of life.

As I walked to my cabin, I looked back and saw rabbits were nibbling at the grass that my steps had exposed! So sometimes being brave enough to make the first footprints, and having the courage take the first steps can change things for good. Made me think again of Jill Robinson and the way she challenged the bear bile industry- her first steps are changing a continent, opening cages and bringing joy to bears for the first time in their life.

This post is dedicated to Jill and everyone who makes the world and whose footprints we are inspired to try to follow.




We never know what lies around the corner in life and that can feel frightening sometimes. If you are like me it more often than not feels like it's the bend you are going round anyway, not a corner at all! But seeing the snow on the ground and the pale sunlight, the possibility of what might lie around the corner seems exciting and a wonderful adventure tto embrace. A dream to follow. The snow has made everything so beautiful and anything feels possible.The road is drawing me on and the the corner is calling, so I might just get my wellingtons out, wrap up and go for a walk. …....