Mothers Day Gift

On this day when so many mothers are displaced with their children in awful conditions we have made a donation to Medicine Sans Frontiers - thank you everyone who has helped build up Elizas Trust

Helping to light up a rescue centre

I had a request from Cat Rescuer to see if we could help with a gift towards some lighting to make their work easier so have today sent £19 to Jane from us all. The rescue was set up in memory of Cat's companion Blanche so really happy to be able to make a small difference. thank you everyone for your continuing support, we have also been able to send a little parcel of goodies to a dear lady who had to say goodbye to her German Shepherd yesterday and is hurting such a lot.

International Womens Day

Thank you to everyone who nominated an inspirational woman they wanted to honour. on this special day. A tree has been planted in Ecuador and dedicated to Jill Robinson whose name was drawn out of the hat. Thank you to Helen and Sue for nominating her. The tree has been named The Moon Bear Tree and will stand as a symbol of hope and inspiration for us all. Today is an opportunity to chersh the memories of special women in our lives, to salute those who have forged paths we are now following and to go on trying to be the best women and the best human beings we can be and to make a difference .


A month on from Elizas death i am pleased that we have been able to make our first gift - it goes to Tanya for her incredible work with cats in Bosnia and will be used to help Bruce who ws attacke by 3 street dogs but is now recovering and has a great new home to go to. Thank you Ruth for nominating this great cause. please do keep your nominations for charities or people in need of support coming in and any donation however small to Elizas Trust will be really appreciated

Random Acts of KIndness

Yesterday was RAK Day and i was delighted to make the first 2 gifts in Elizas memory 

1 sponsorship to two runners taking part in the London Maraton in April who are struggling to meet their targets. The weight of a huge amount to raise can be as scary as the training plan

2 A Parcel of goodies sent to a lady called Louise who is in hospital and who was  nominated by her friend Natalie

Please do nominate anyone or any cause you would like to be considered for a gift or you can donate to Elizas trust at

There is a facebook page ELIZA's GIFTS as well where you can nomintae causes and enter competitions.

Thank you 



 Eliza's Trust has been set up in my dear companions memory as a thank you for all the love she gave me. My world is a sad place at the moment but it is my wish that I can recover and give back in Eliza's name I will make 19 small donations each year - one for each year that we shared. You can nominate causes at and donate at Thank you dear Eliza for everything life will never be the same, but your love will keep me strong and you will always live on in my heart. xxx