Mane Chance Sanctuary - giving animals, children and adults a chance to be...

For the past six years this Charity has been close to my heart and as each year passes i feel draw to support it more and more. 

Please check out their website and if you feel able to sponsor or support any of my efforts on their behalf - this is the link MANE CHANCE                 

I will be running the Bath Half Marathon in March and along the way trying to raise enough to plant 13 trees - one for each mile I will run. Trees represent hope and they stand season by season showing us how to be resilient, how to be beautiful, how to play our part in our world. Mane Chance do that too.

Running Ambassador

If you would like to join me in running for Mane Chance in 2020 please email me on . We will give full support and encouragement, provide a running vest and arrange for you and your friends to have a tour of the Sanctuary. I look forward to hearing from you!!

A Chance to be ....

A chance to be more than you thought possible                                                                     to give and receive friendship safely                                                                                         To smile and stroke and groom a mane that tickles                                                                and spreads confidence through every part of you                                                             hurting as you are                                 

A chance to be beautiful                                                                                                               to see through eyes no longer dimmed by fear or shame or failure                                      To see eyes looking back that say                                                                                               It's ok                                                                                                                                           You're ok                                                                                                                                     Much more than ok                                                                                                                   you're special

A chance to be powerful                                                                                                           not strong but gentle                                                                                                                  Growing day by day                                                                                                                     in courage, hope, belief that you belong                                                                             That there's a place for you in                                                                                                    a world that can be cruel                                                                                                         that moves so fast                                                                                                                       and has no time for those who need a shoulder                                

A chance to be bold                                                                                                                       to make a difference to stand tall inside and glow                                                           because you're trusted, needed loved                                                                               because your hand is held by those who understand                                                           and let you hold theirs too

A chance to be at peace,                                                                                                           to be a friend to shires, shetties, dogs, hens                                                                             to find a place thats yours                                                                                                           and yet a place to share with all who need a sanctuary                                                          of calm                                                                                                                                          of rest of healing

A chance to be you fully you                                                                                         wonderfully you amongst others being fully themselves too                                                A chance to be family cantering, galloping,                                                                       munching, snoozing,                                                                                                             painting, planting, learning, living, laughing                                                                                A chance to be anything and everything                                                                              

A Mane Chance !